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Is Socialism Destroying the EPA's ENERGY STAR Brand?


In 2015, was targeted by the government and branded as a Non State Hostile Intelligence Service for seeking to introduce issues of widespread government corruption during the 2016 Presidential election cycle. The alleged crimes committed by my 'Intelligence Service' involved exposing Off-Budget Enterprises, phony scientific research and epic failures in green projects that resulted in some of the largest financial frauds in history, including a massive RICO case filed in Texas. Corporate media has buried this "Nationwide Scheme" to defraud thousands of bureaucracies (schools) out of millions of dollars in IRS tax credits for green projects in a quest to protect the good name of the ENERGY STAR brand, which is also the namesake for the ENERGY STAR Mandate over America's multi-trillion dollar annual procurement process. Very few people want to talk about what motivates Marxist, I believe there are at least a trillion good reasons to understand their brand of Socialism.

DOJ, FBI and Fake News outlets won't investigate this vast conspiracy because it may damage the political reputations of the main players in this racketeering scheme, lawyers. The same type of honest, trustworthy and competent lawyers that oversaw the multi-billion dollar scientific research programs, wrote cutting-edge technical reports and shuffled words on paper that magically conferred extraordinary electrical properties onto ENERGY STAR certification stickers that became worth billions of dollars. Which has enriched mainly the political elites selected by government lawyers to participate in green schemes. These wonderful people were described in a 2014 Senate Minority report " The Chain Of Environmental Command: How a Club of Billionaires and their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement and Obama's EPA" that was completely ignored by the political class. Until it became an epic fiasco like the Texas RICO, which will now require ever-larger amounts of political influence by bureaucrats, educators, and politicians to keep this scandal buried during the Presidential campaign season.

It's important to understand the differences between these two brands of Marxism, the first is Billionaire Bolsheviks controlling the ENERGY STAR brand which promotes a Chinese version of green crony capitalism, whereas the Bernie Bro's favor the money-making ventures of the UN's Green Industry Platform. These may sound like subtle differences, but to hardcore Socialist, they're like day and night. Sixty years of Progressivism may be circling the drain, but control of the hollowed-out carcass of the Democrat Party is all that's important to Socialist dreaming of waging World War Zero on America.

It's why crazed Democrats so thoroughly trashed their reputations with Brett Kavanaugh hearings, rigged the 2016 election with the bogus Steele Dossier, abused FISA court directives, impeached President Trump and had over 2,000 DOJ lawyers demand AG Barr resign for investigating the corrupt prosecutions and extraordinary sentencing of political rivals. This was always about raw power, these people wanted you to know they were above the law and would punish anyone that stood in their way.

Media are now hysterical! They're all in the bag for Bloomberg, but know that no amount of money will alter the outcome of the primaries unless they cheat and literally install Bloomberg or Crooked Hillary as their candidate. Either way, they're facing a humiliating landslide win by President Trump. Losing is completely inevitable, they're only goal now is to maintain some control over major institutions of power.

Media will have no option but to viciously attack Bernie as undesirable to EPA Partnerships that represent the Global interest. He has nothing to offer the shadowy green non-profit groups like Energy Foundation, Prosperity Partnership or Green Sports Alliance that have been raking in hundreds of billions from building over-priced green government buildings and financing sports stadiums. Bernie's brand of Socialism is all about destruction, which doesn't have that much appeal to citizens sick of listening to politicians complain about our crumbling infrastructure, while nobody can even talk about Infrastructure Spending.

I pray that President Trump will Repeal the ENERGY STAR Mandate over America's multi-trillion dollar procurement process and will create a new system that allows American businesses to bypass corrupt bureaucrats to compete for government contacts under a fair, open and transparent process. If the Intel Community or media calls me a Non State Hostile Intelligence Service for that, does it really make me a bad person to the average American? 

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