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Was Uranium One Just Tip Of The Iceberg For Clean Energy Scams?

Was Uranium One Just Tip Of The Iceberg For Clean Energy Scams?

Mainstream media doesn't want you to consider the Uranium One deal because top lawyers at the FBI and DOJ oversaw every aspect of this corrupt enterprise. Peddling nuclear material to shady Russian oligarch's can't be considered illegal if it was approved by the members of the Committee on Foreign Investments. You're simply not supposed to know that those esteemed committee members were also the chief architects of Obama's Clean Energy Economy.

The same political leaders responsible for turning the ENERGY STAR brand of 'certified' government energy efficiency into a multi-billion dollar commodity, which was later selected in a 'No Bid' process as the sole source for Greenhouse Gas reductions in both the Paris Climate Accord and Obama's Clean Power Plan. A fact that can't be debated in any forum.

 ENERGY STAR became the most lucrative commodity on the planet shortly after Obama took office in 2009, when bureaucrats suddenly discovered that 'certified' government energy efficiency could produce multi-billion dollar revenue streams for political donors. There were no scientific breakthroughs announced or new technologies introduced, just ethically-challenged lawyers claiming that EPA's brand was superior to all other brands of 'certified' government energy efficiency.

The Uranium One deal wasn't really any different from every other Dept of Energy program orchestrated under the guise of Clean Energy, except this dirty little secret escaped the news blackout imposed by the mainstream media. EPA claims their cutting-edge products have saved over $430 billion since 1992, but can't produce a shred of scientific or financial evidence to support those delusional energy saving claims. 

Fake News outlets don't want to talk about the Clean Energy Economy anymore, which actually began when former CIA Director George H W Bush first created the ENERGY STAR program back in 1992. That same year our lame duck president signed the United States on to the UN Agenda 21 Development Program which was fiercely opposed by the vast majority of Americans

The news blackout of the Uranium One and Fusion GPS scandals are nothing compared to the massive media cover-up conducted during California's failed electrical deregulation scheme. When crooked bureaucrats and utility executives in California, Oregon, and Washington were allowed to initiate hundreds of fraudulent "Power Swaps" and "Fiber Trades" over a two year period under the watchful eyes of regulators. Only to have media blame the entire fiasco on Enron which owned just one electrical utility at the time, Portland General Electric.

In addition to manipulating electrical markets and the Internet, Portland General Electric was also a member of the Poised For Profits Partnership (P4PP), a group of twelve government agencies which funded the bulk of the scientific research on behalf of the EPA. The scientific research conducted by P4PP provided the economic basis for virtually every fraudulent claim regarding 'certified' energy efficiency made by government lawyers.

Billions of our tax dollars were funneled through P4PP for this 'so-called' science, which for the most part was conducted by just two non-profit organizations, Climate Solutions, and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. Virtually all of the science supporting the Clean Energy Economy was produced by anti-Capitalist radicals, as officials regurgitated mindless clichés about 'Leveling The Playing Field' and 'Eliminating Barriers'. Never once disclosing who benefited from their secretive policies.

Climate Solutions was a small non-profit affiliate of the notorious Earth Island Institute when selected by government leaders to conduct some of the largest and most influential scientific research programs in history. Their Poised For Profits reports provided the basis for some of the largest federal programs ever conducted by the Dept of Energy and EPA. Programs that the average American citizen could not participate in, or question in any manner.
Climate Solutions became its own non-profit organization in 2003 after separating from Earth Island Institute with funding from Washington State, which occurred years after producing the Poised For Profits reports paid for in part by Washington State agencies. 
That research was used to launch several Regional, National and International initiatives, all focused on bureaucrats and politicians profiting from cornering the market on Clean Energy technologies through associations with UN​ organizations controlled by the political elites.  

Washington State Governor Gary Locke was the keynote speaker for the inaugural meeting of the Prosperity Partnership in 2004, which utilized Climate Solution's reports to create a Regional Economic Agenda covering all of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia in a quest to corner the global market on Clean Energy technologies. The Prosperity Partnership united the most powerful corporations in America with radical anti-Capitalist groups in a scheme to control the entire Clean Energy market. Gary Locke, a former Attorney General went on to become a member of Obama's Committee on Foreign Investment that promoted the agenda of the Prosperity Partnership and the 'No Bid' process of selection for ENERGY STAR.

One of the first actions of the Prosperity Partnership was to identify WHAT'S DIFFERENT ABOUT THIS EFFORT?

This government-created non-profit then issued this totally bizarre Focused on Energy Efficiency statement, claiming they are "Focused on increasing sales of energy efficiency goods and services outside the region; Not improving our own energy efficiency" as the foundation for their new global business model. 

The United States has never developed a National Standard for the measurement and verification of energy savings in technologies and products, currently, government bureaucrats estimate energy savings based on the number ENERGY STAR products purchased and Green Buildings built by the government

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) was the other non-profit group employed by the P4PP to conduct scientific research for the ENERGY STAR brand. NEEA was the original source claiming that the ENERGY STAR brand was achieving extraordinary energy saving values. Which was later apparently confirmed by Stratus Consulting and Blue Summit Consulting in a report called the RETROSPECTIVE ASSESSMENT OF THE NORTHWEST ENERGY EFFICIENCY ALLIANCE.

Status Consulting is a major contributor to EPA science. Having gained international fame in a multi-billion dollar legal action against Chevron in Ecuador, when caught on video boasting of lying about the scientific evidence behind this failed shake-down scheme. 

So it should come as no surprise to discover they also produced the EPA; Lead By Example guidelines in which bureaucrats are instructed to claim ENERGY STAR's 'certified' energy efficiency was suddenly producing 25-50% more energy savings than similar products. Promoting this easily provable lie as fact, just like those found in the Poised For Profits reports.

No records exist for any of those delusional claims, because it was all simply part of a propaganda campaign to promote the Clean Energy Economy.

EPA's brand of 'certified' government energy efficiency was simply declared to be superior, then secretly selected in a 'No Bid' process as the sole source for Greenhouse Gas reductions via energy efficiency in both the UN Paris Climate Deal and the US Clean Power Plan. 

No competition was ever allowed against EPA's superior brand, so there was no need for any type of competitive bid process by UN and US authorities. 

EPA's energy efficiency experts were also selected in that same 'No Bid' process to provide all of the Measurement and Verification services related to energy efficiency for the entire world under the secretive terms of the Paris Climate Deal, WTO and the Clean Power Plan. The total lack of any known standard for the measurement and verification of energy savings wasn't an issue for world leaders, they all trusted our EPA and CIA to protect the environment for their citizens.

Silence is golden when trillion dollar markets are in play!

President Trump began the 'close out' of the ENERGY STAR program back in February of 2017, ending what was arguably the most corrupt scientific program in history. The EPA's junk science is now heading for the dustbin of history, but don't count on the media to begin defending this failed program anytime soon. Why? Money, really big money!

This action essentially ends the ENERGY STAR mandate, which is another trillion dollar story being withheld from the American people. The United States government is the largest procurement agency in the world with over a trillion dollar annual budget, which is now open to honest competition for the first time in decades. This is huge!

Political leaders that once manipulate energy markets with junk science are no longer in control of our economy as entire bureaucratic empires are quietly being dismantled, never to be heard of again. Media has no interest in reporting on the billions of US tax dollars funneled to foreign competitors under the guise of scientific research into 'certified' government energy efficiency, a commodity most Americans never knew existed in the first place. So why start now?

President Trump has wiped out decades worth of Draconian regulations designed to undermine our economy and democratic institutions. America First policies `are now creating millions of real jobs for tradesmen and professionals with proven skill-sets, leaving politicians and thier media scrambling to explain the abject failure of the Clean Energy Economy that never materialized. 

by Conor Coughlin

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