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Why Media Can’t Report On Illegal ‘Intercepts’ By The Deep State

Why Media Can’t Report On Illegal ‘Intercepts’ By The Deep State

Trillion dollar markets are at stake and silence is golden! 

In 2009, the Obama Administration released the EPA; Lead By Example guidelines that allowed bureaucrats and their non-profit partners to cash-in on the most lucrative commodity on the planet; 'certified' government energy efficiency. If you've never heard of this multi-billion dollar product, thank crooked mainstream media and the Deep State.

ENERGY STAR is or was arguably the most corrupt federal program in US history. This EPA brand became a cash cow for the political class shortly after Obama entered office, which also coincides with the start of the largest illegal spying operation ever conducted by our government on American soil.

EPA claims their brand of 'certified' government energy efficiency has saved over $430 billion since 1992, but can't produce any evidence to support those claims. Besides it's none of your business, it's their business. Or at least it was until President Trump decided to shut down this national disgrace

 The Liars Club doesn't want you talking about Settled Science anymore, you're supposed to be getting hysterical over the existence of statues now that the Russia story is no longer relevant. Just ignore the fact that top officials at the DOJ, NSA, CIA, and FBI conducted a massive illegal spying operation on Americans, which allowed our intelligence community to 'intercept' all evidence of the corrupt enterprises operated by the Obama Administration and the EPA's Billionaires Club.

When EPA began claiming their ENERGY STAR brand was providing 25-50% energy savings over identical products, no one in the media bothered to ask how this magic occurred. Suddenly bureaucrats were generating tens of billions in revenue from EPA's superior brand and life was wonderful. Soon political leaders in Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Switzerland and the European Community decided to mandate that their government's use only the EPA's brand of 'certified' energy efficiency for their people. It was just that good!

 World leaders were so impressed with ENERGY STAR's superior performance they selected the EPA's brand as the sole source for emission reductions from energy efficiency for the Paris Climate Accord in a 'No Bid' process. Politicians all agreed it was OK because this was a voluntary program, besides no one else had volunteered to give them billions of dollars worth of cost-effective products.

Mainstream media were able to keep Americans in the dark about the EPA's money-making ventures because they had lots of help from Deep State operators. We know this is true because in October of 2016 the Obama Administration informed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court about a massive illegal spying operation on American citizens, which included the use of 'Intercepts' of signal communications. Intercepts that stole, diverted or destroyed the Internet communications of American citizens under the guise of National Security, then illegally 'unmasked' and shared the names of targets in an effort to damage them politically.

In April the FISC issued a scathing 99-page Opinion outlining the 'Institutional Lack of Candor' by government lawyers that certified the warrants which deliberately selected 'unauthorized' targets for this new form of enhanced surveillance, resulting in an 85% non-compliance rate per the law. The wholesale violations of 4th Amendment rights were not accidental or incidental in nature, yet media and major blogs all pretended this was as normal and commonplace as a Communist flag at a violent Antifa riot. 

 Fake News outlets want you to believe the 'unmasking' of a few political types was the big story, not the 'intercepts' of massive amounts of Internet content and emails communications. This data was not collected for monitoring purposes, but purely for destruction by the government. Censoring speech on economic issues, then declaring the targets to be Non-State Hostile Intelligence Services working for foreign interests. Orwellian double-speak for blogging on widespread government corruption.

This is and has always been about suppressing dialog on economic issues. Debate on Free Trade Agreements, Net Neutrality laws, and domestic policies is now simply labeled as hate speech to undermine independent voices. Tens of billions of our taxpayer dollars went into shadowy non-profit groups like the Energy Foundation and the Prosperity Partnership that marketed the ENERGY STAR brand in Global markets but you're never supposed to question the return on those public investments.

The same spy agencies conducting illegal surveillance on millions of innocent Americans, somehow managed to overlook the massive corruption in multi-billion dollar scientific research programs conducted at the industrial facilities of large corporations engaged in partnerships with the EPA. How was that even possible?

President Trump announced the 'close out' of the ENERGY STAR program back in early February, which would officially end arguably the most corrupt federal program in US history. It would also effectively repeal the ENERGY STAR mandate requiring that government agencies purchase all products and services from EPA partners. A process once only opened to the political elites associated with the EPA Billionaires Club, a group described in a 2014 Senate report as receiving tens of billions of taxpayer dollars with no accountability to taxpayers.

The US government is the largest procurement agency in the world, with over a trillion-dollar annual budget that is now open to honest competition for the first time in decades. Literally, hundreds of billions of dollars in new infrastructure spending are being put out for competitive bids under Buy American – Hire American policies, as opposed to the Pay To Play schemes once open only to globalist and major political donors. These are the issues of interest to Americans.

Independents seeking government transparency are not the problem, it's corrupt politicians advocating for censorship that represent the real threat to our civil liberties. Censorship sucks! End of story.

Take a cue from President Trump for a successful strategy. Bypass the political establishment and their Fake News outlets, they have nothing to offer but self-hate and division. Their radical supporters won't be out in the marketplace competing for those millions of real jobs being created, they're far too busy burning, looting and rioting for social justice or something.

To Make America Great Again will take real work, thankfully we have a huge melting pot of extraordinary talents ready, willing and able to achieve that goal. Americans need to get busy building a future of exceptional expectations but don't forget to have a little fun along the way. Take some time to have a good laugh at the delusional thinking of the hysterical regressive movement, and thank God for the miraculous outcome of the 2016 election. 

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