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In the three companies namely REI, Bass Pro and L.L. Bean, the top level of organization of their respective catalogs that they use to sell their products is the products category. Here, all the products that they offer are classified into categories based on gender, age and events requirements. Although the categories are not similar, each company puts the items into groups as deemed appropriate for their clients. Additionally, the top level of organization makes the search for a product easy, and it is designed to attract potential clients to the organization. Therefore, each company made it as appropriate as possible.For REI, Bass Pro and L.L. Bean companies, the number of clicks before one reaches the product description varies. For REI Company, it takes two clicks from the home page. The first click opens the product category then the second opens the features. For Brass Pro Company, it takes three clicks from the home page. The fist click opens the product category; the second opens the specific product, and the third opens the product description. For L.L. Bean Company, it also takes three clicks from the home page. The fist click opens the product category; the second opens the specific product, and the third opens the product description.For each company, the paths followed from the home page to men’s hiking boots, and then to a womens fleece jackets are as follows. In REI Company, you click Men's category, then Men’s Footwear, after which you click Men's Hiking / Backpacking Boots. You then go back and click Womens tab and click on Fleece Jackets. In Bass Pro Company, you click on Shoes & Boots category, and then click on Hiking Boots. After this, click back on Clothing category, then under ladies subcategory click Jackets, Coats and Outerwear. Then you narrow down your search to Fleece.Finally, in L.L. Bean Company, you click on Footwear category, then to Hiking Footwear. After this, you go back to click Women's category and click on Fleece Tops & Sweaters.One site that I feel does the best in the overall presentation of the company's brand or image, the ease of finding products, and the description of products offered is that of Bass Pro company. I have chosen this website because it has clear product categories which make it easier for prospective clients to do their search. In this website, each category has distinct subcategories for a specific item, event, gender and age. Finally, these subcategories in the website have descriptions of the specific items of high quality for the task to be performed.The appropriateness of a catalog will be highly beneficial to Lacount Outdoor Gear Company in terms of customer attraction and retention. Efficient, informative and user friendly catalog is preferable for a company, and it can only be developed by making comparisons of existing ones. Therefore, the five general categories around which I would organize Accounts online catalog of outdoor clothing, gear and accessories include the following; Ladies Clothing, Men's Clothing, Children's Clothing, Footwear, and Hunting Accessories. These categories of items are very important in making sure that the outdoor game proceeds without interruption. Each category caters for a specific gender, age and events necessity.For each category, three subcategories of products that would be found within that category are as follows. For Ladies Clothing, the subcategories include pants, blouses or tops, and fleece jackets. For Men's Clothing, the subcategories include shirts, outerwear and overalls. For Children's Clothing, the subcategories include kids pajamas, outwear and pants. For Footwear, the subcategories include hunting boots, rubber boots and hiking boots. For Hunting Accessories, the subcategories include flashlights, scent elimination and scents attractants. The items will aid the intended outdoor activity that the person would be undertaking.If the article was cognitive for you, proceed to read other articles on Most of the articles are written by Patricia Lambert, a professional writer.
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Memory training, unique ways to remember information

Of course, one of the most important and necessary qualities that helps to achieve success in many endeavors is a good memory. To be able to remember information that has been perceived by ear, read in a book, seen on TV or during a conference is important for both schoolchildren and students in their educational institutions, and for adults during work. That is why memory training is important at any age. After all, the brain, like any other part of the body, if not subjected to regular stress, tends to lose its capabilities. A person becomes more distracted, his attention can not concentrate on the main thing and remember the most important thing. As a result, instead of a complete and complete picture, fragmentary information is obtained, according to which it is impossible to successfully pass exams or properly plan your activities at work.Naturally, the development of memory, as well as the training of other mental or physical abilities is best to start with childhood. After all, it is in childhood or adolescence that the human brain is most susceptible to information, and, most importantly, responds best to stress and training. Responds not fatigue, fatigue or headaches, and improving the ability to memorize the material. While studying at school and in high School, many used the techniques of memorization, which contributed to a clear assimilation of the material immediately before the exam. Often it helps a lot, but such information tends to be quickly forgotten after a while. While those formulas or data that are often used and used, on the contrary, remain in memory for a long time.Our memory development trainings will help to solve many problems with memorizing the necessary information. We will also help our clients to focus on the main issues that should be deposited in the head as accurately as possible and in the most clear and correct formulations. Training of memory development is made taking into account the age and initial level of students. For children there is a special program, for adults the emphasis is on a few other points, other methods of memorizing the material are worked out. In the end, after passing our course called the Virtuoso of memorization, you can get, figuratively speaking, a kind of hard drive and computer RAM. They not only can store the necessary information, systematize it, but also as quickly as possible to refer to it when you need to remember a particular nuance during everyday activities. Such abilities will help to achieve excellent results in various directions. Also, after our training program, all the accumulated information will become structured, so that all thinking will become more clear and logical. Technology Virtuoso memorization is a contribution to their own mental growth, which, undoubtedly, after a while will give a return in the form of career growth or academic success.
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