Former Barclays, JPMorgan Exec Accused Of Being A Part Of Jefferey Epstein’s Sex Ring

Jes Staley, the former Barclays and JP Morgan executive, has been accused of being an operative in late pedophile Jeffrey Esptein’s sex trafficking ring.  Niamh Harris at Thousands of emails between the two revealed a ‘profound friendship,’ according to lawsuit. The fresh claims are included in the US Virgin Island’s lawsuit which accuse JP […]

HISTORY IN THE MAKING: The State of New California Holds Its 10th Constitutional Convention

By Joe Hoft at The State of New California is holding its 10 Constitutional Convention starting tomorrow, January 12- 14, 2023.  The State of New California is gearing up for statehood.   This idea seemed strange until it was mentioned that it is following precedent.  The state of West Virginia was formed during the Civil War when citizens […]

Let’s Check In and See How Keith Olbermann’s Newest Nervous Breakdown is Coming Along, Shall We?

via The morning after the FBI raided Mar-a-Logo, bathtub boy went on a tirade of gloriously outrageous rants that lasted days demanding AG Merrick Garland immediately imprison DJT for treason and for possession of classified material that included nuclear secrets he intend to sell. Tweets that rank among some of the best examples of […]

The Final Nail in The Coffin Of “Renewable” Energy

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley via Douglas Pollock will be known to many readers here as a regular and popular speaker at Heartland conferences. After several years researching the effect of unreliables on electricity grids the world over, Douglas has discovered a truly fascinating scientific result. He had been looking at nations such as […]

Bestowing legitimacy on anti-humanism.

A recent article from The Atlantic explores (extols?) the rise of “Anthropocene anti-humanism”, a movement  “inspired by revulsion at humanity’s destruction of the natural environment”. This is a faction within the environmental movement who believes that humanity has already assured it’s own destruction, and that the world will actually be better off without peoplekind to mess up the place:

Chinese property stocks rally may soon run out of steam as home sales slump outweighs financing boost

Contracted sales at major Chinese property developers will probably drop by 20 per cent this year, according to CCB InternationalThe rally late last year came after regulators lifted a six-year ban on refinancing, and commercial banks ramped up lending Zhang Shidong in Shanghai + myNEWS Published: 7:30am, 5 Jan, 2023 A rally in the shares of Chinese […]

ProPublica/The Atlantic Investigation of CRT Pushback Focuses on “Something Called the Legal Insurrection Foundation” The ProPublica article ran on January 3, 2023, Muzzled by DeSantis, Critical Race Theory Professors Cancel Courses or Modify Their Teaching (archive). (The same article ran under a different headline at The Atlantic, ‘It’s Making Us More Ignorant’.) The subheadline advanced the narrative of the article: As fewer faculty members are protected by tenure, they’re finding it […]