Morning Joe Exploits Holocaust, Goes to Auschwitz to Merge Trump and Hitler ‘Big Lie’

by Mark Finkelstein at newsbusters You could see this coming from 4,500 miles away—the distance from the Morning Joe set in the US to Auschwitz, in Poland. For two days now, Morning Joe has been exploiting Joe Scarborough’s trip to Auschwitz for International Holocaust Remembrance Day for craven political purposes: tying Donald Trump to the horrors of the Holocaust. […]

NIH Failed To Monitor EcoHealth Alliance: Federal Watchdog

bY TYLER DURDEN at After an 18-month audit, a federal watchdog says that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) failed to adequately monitor and address problems involving EcoHealth Alliance, a New York City-based nonprofit that was used to offshore risky gain-of-function research to Wuhan, China after the Obama administration banned the practice in 2014. According […]

Judge Temporarily Blocks California’s Covid ‘Misinformation’ Law That Punishes Physicians For ‘Wrongthink’

by Leslie Eastman at legalinsurrection Judge Temporarily Blocks California’s Covid ‘Misinformation’ Law That Punishes Physicians For ‘Wrongthink’ A federal judge in California has temporarily blocked the enforcement of AB 2098, a measure which punished doctors for not pushing the state-directive narratives surrounding covid.

Google/YouTube Block Project Veritas Expose’ on Pfizer Executive Discussing “Directed Evolution”

by Sundance at theconservativetreehouse Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe announced earlier on Friday that Google/YouTube removed the expose’ and undercover story showing Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer’s Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations – mRNA Scientific Planner, discussing the company pursuing “Directed Evolution” a process to modify the COVID-19 virus. {Direct Rumble Link} […]

Why The TNI Anti-Trust Case Is Being Suppressed

by Conor Coughlin via chronicles of green Americans need to consider why the landmark Anti-Trust lawsuit against the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) is being suppressed, because the case articulates the single most important feature for the business model of the NWO; censorship! The TNI lawsuit alleges that major news organizations like the BBC, AP and Reuters sought […]

Systemic Collapse Imminent as Evidenced by Power Outages, Wall Street ‘Glitch,’ and System Failures Around the Globe

by JD Heyes at The powers that be continue to tinker with their plan for global destruction and the evidence is everywhere to be seen. Earlier this week, for instance, millions of Pakistanis found themselves without heat after a massive grid failure plunged much of the country into darkness, as The New York Times reported: Millions of […]