FBI Refuses to Give Physical Document to House Investigators Outlining Biden Bribery Scheme, Now Claim “Ongoing Investigation”…

by Sundance at theconservativetreehouse.com Here we go again with the ever-familiar silo defense.  The FBI is refusing to hand over the unclassified FD-1023 stating there is an ongoing investigation using the confidential human source who made allegations outlined in the document.  Remember, the allegations and the statement record was created in July of 2020, almost […]

1000s Evacuated As Massive Wall Of Water Surges Through Ukraine After Major Dam ‘Blown Up’

by TYLER DURDEN at zerohedge.com Images and videos posted on social media show a major dam and hydroelectric power plant in the Russian-occupied region of Kherson, located in southern Ukrainian, destroyed early Tuesday. Water rushed through the dam into the Dnieper River, which separates Ukrainian and Russian forces. Both sides accuse each other of the […]

GOP Lawmaker Says FBI ‘Afraid’ Their Biden Informant ‘Will Be Killed If Unmasked’

by Martin Walsh at conservativebrief.com Florida GOP Rep. Anna Paulina Luna revealed on Monday evening that the FBI is “afraid” that an informant who brought the bureau information regarding an alleged bribery scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden would be “killed if unmasked.” “Just left meeting for House Oversight. The FBI is afraid their informant […]

Lawsuit: Academia’s DEI Hiring Statements are “Modern-Day Loyalty Oaths”

by Terrance Kible at legalinsurrection.com An academic applying to the University of California, Santa Cruz, has sued the institution and the UC system over its DEI statement requirement for applicants. The complaint alleges mandatory DEI statements violate the First Amendment. According to the complaint, DEI statements are”modern-day loyalty oaths” akin to McCarthy-era anti-Communist pledges. The complaint joins […]

Five Palestinian Terrorist Commanders Accidentally Blow Themselves Up In Lebanon

by William A. Jacobson at legalinsurrection.com Another Palestinian Work Accident: “[T]he deaths were the result of explosives and ammunition detonating as the PFLP-GC members were moving them.” So-called Palestinian Work Accidents are when a terrorist is killed or seriously injured through his or his group’s error while preparing to attack Israel. We have another apparent entry, five […]

Corporate Media Smears RFK Jr. as Anti-Semite, Insinuates He Suffers From Psychosis

by BEN BARTEE at pjmedia.com Polling of potential Democrat primary voters has indicated support among the electorate as high as 19% for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The third wheel in the race so far, Marianne Williamson, another anti-establishment alternative to Biden, is polling at just under 10%. Speculatively, we could expect the majority of those voters to […]

Trove Of Nearly 10K Hunter Biden Laptop Photos, Docs Appear On Organized Website

by TYLER DURDEN at zerohedge.com Nearly 10,000 photos from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop were uploaded to a new website – BidenLaptopMedia.com, which has been intermittently unavailable since launch due to overwhelming traffic. The site, which took months to complete, is the brainchild of former Trump White House aide, Garrett Ziegler, who worked as an aide to […]

WAYNE ROOT: YouTube Banned & Deleted My Interview Because This Idea Scares Democrats & Deep State to Death…If Trump Adopts This Idea He Will Win the Presidency.

By Wayne Allyn Root via thegatewaypundit.com I believe I’ve come up with a game-changer. An idea that has the power to save America from destruction and collapse at the hands of our enemies (domestic and foreign). An idea so powerful that if President Trump adopts it as a centerpiece of his campaign, it will catapult […]