Green Energy Stocks Rocked by High Interest Rates

by SEAN MORAN at Green energy stocks have dropped significantly in the last few months, underperforming compared to oil and gas companies, as high interest takes its toll. The S&P Global Clean Energy Index, which comprises 100 of the biggest companies in green energy, has dropped over 20 percent in the last two months, Financial Times reported Monday. […]

Gloom lingers for Chinese stocks in fourth quarter as slowing growth and property crisis continue to unfold

by Zhang Shidong at The fourth quarter will remain challenging for Chinese stocks, as investors contend with a gloomy outlook from a slowing economy and deepening woes in the property market while analysts see little hope of a stimulus spark to ignite a rally. Better-than-estimated August economic data did little to rekindle buying interest, […]

Just When Everyone Thought They Had Reached Peak Stupid, They Remind Us They Hadn’t.

via This wasn’t the first time The View had cooked up a wild, unsupported conspiracy theory putting Republicans at the center of clandestine plots to sabotage Democrats. Back in January, they suggested Republicans were the reason “behind” why there were classified documents in President Biden’s Delaware garage. They also suggested it was GOP ninjas […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘We’re All Dealing With It’: Border Town Officials Have No Sympathy For NYC’s Migrant Plight

by JENNIE TAER at Law enforcement officials in Eagle Pass, Texas, who deal with massive numbers of illegal immigrants each day, aren’t sympathetic to New York leaders’ complaints about migrant arrivals. New York City was caring for roughly 60,000 migrants, including 20,000 children, at the end of August, which the Democratic Mayor Eric Adams said will “destroy” the […]

It came from San Francisco: California’s new math standard could spread despite being junk

by JOHN SEXTON at Stanford mathematician Brian Conrad has written a piece for the Atlantic reminding readers that California’s recently adopted math curriculum is a bad idea and one that could soon spread to other states. The California curriculum was supposedly based on scientific insight into what is best for kids. In reality is was based on […]

Rep. Matt Gaetz Slams Kevin McCarthy After Filing Motion to Vacate Chair: ‘I Don’t Own Kevin McCarthy Anymore, Democrats Can Have Him’ (VIDEO)

by Jim Hᴏft at Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) spoke to the media Monday night, delivering a scathing critique against House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). Gaetz’s comments come in the wake of his motion to vacate the chair, a parliamentary maneuver aimed at ousting McCarthy from his leadership position. Congressman Matt Gaetz on Monday officially filed the […]