Investigative Reporter Paul Sperry Responds After ‘Twitter Files’ Documents Reveal Adam Schiff Violated Constitution to Have Him Removed from Twitter

By Jim Hoft
Published January 8, 2023

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported back in February 2021 — Twitter permanently suspended top conservative investigative reporter Paul Sperry.

Sperry was the first reporter to identify Eric Ciaramella as the CIA “whistleblower” behind the first junk impeachment trial of President Trump.
Paul Sperry also reported on Ciaramella’s plot to remove President Trump from office.

Sperry’s Twitter suspension came after Project Veritas was banned the week before and The Gateway Pundit was banned from Twitter two weeks before that.

Twitter later suspended Paul Sperry’s account in February 2021.

On Saturday Paul Sperry responded on Twitter to the evidence that Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff had requested Twitter to silence him because he did not like Sperry’s politics.

Sperry pointed out that Adam Schiff violated US law when he targeted him.

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