Sunday Talks, Matt Gaetz -vs- The Talking Gnat

January 8, 2023 

Matt Gaetz appeared on Fox News to discuss the Speaker nomination process and the valiant efforts of the 20 House Republicans that battled the 410 UniParty members.

Gaetz did a great job articulating the purpose of the effort, the success in the negotiations and the outcome that will benefit all Americans.  That said, the insufferable Fox News Gnat assigned to the task of diminishing the outcome eventually asked Gaetz, “Do you consider yourself a serious legislator?” 

Representative Matt Gaetz is emerging as a very articulate enemy against the professional political class.  His arguments are well centered, his thoughts are well articulated, and he has improved his debate and communication skills considerably through constant training in the field of ideological combat.  Quite remarkable growth.

It is highly likely that Kevin McCarthy will seek to isolate and marginalize Mr. Gaetz. However, it appears the young wolverine is up to the challenge.

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