House Rules Package Essential To Standing Up The New Church Committee, And The New House Majority

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House of Representatives, a position he secured based on a robust rules package that includes a new Church Committee that will be based as a subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee being headed by U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) to investigate documented abuses by the Justice Department, intelligence and other federal agencies that have spied on, infiltrated and even censored political campaigns, organizations, and individuals.

But that rules package — which also includes separate investigations into the Covid pandemic, its origins, funding gain of function research of novel coronaviruses in China, including at the Wuhan virology lab, and the policies to enforce broad economic lock-downs, vaccines, and other mandates that infringed on the civil liberties of the American people and another panel on the China tech threat — when it was passed the package was the first and most crucial test as Speaker.

To secure McCarthy’s position as Speaker, he had to promise 20 holdouts a broad range of concessions that allowed members to offer more legislation amendments or allow a single member in the majority to motion to vacate the chair. More conservative members are being allowed onto the crucial House Rules Committee to give every member a chance to get up or down votes on crucial issues.

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