WEF Require 5,000 Troops To Protect Them From Common People

wef security sft

by Baxter Dmitry at newspunch.com

wef security sft

The Swiss army will deploy 5,000 troops to protect the globalist elites gathering at the World Economic Forum’s summit in Davos and ensure the elites have no contact whatsoever with common people.

“The Federal Parliament has set a ceiling of 5,000 troops who will serve in support during the WEF, which will run from January 10 to 26. Some of them will be stationed directly in Davos, where the annual meeting will be held from January 16 to 20,” the statement read.

According to the statement, other servicemen will provide logistics and air force operations support throughout Switzerland. Soldiers will be authorized to “use coercive police measures to carry out their respective tasks,” the government said.

There will also be snipers on the roofs of most buildings, and in previous years the WEF Police have shot drones from the sky.

TruthTalk reports: The WEF predicts that soon everyone will be able to ‘rent’ anything they need under the cover of ‘sustainable development’ (SDGs) and ‘saving the planet’ (Net Zero). There is no doubt that the tiny elites who rolled out the Great Reset will own it all.

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