AG Merrick Garland Timeline Does Not Align with DOJ Claims and Joe Biden Lawyers

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During a press conference today, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Robert K Hur as Special Counsel to investigate the Joe Biden classified documents that were removed from the White House during President Obama’s term in office (2009 through January 2017). The timeline given by AG Garland does not match up with prior DOJ statements and lawyers representing Joe Biden.

The timeline as described by AG Merrick Garland:

♦ Nov 4, 2022 – National Archives notifies DOJ of classified documents located at Penn-Biden Center
♦ Nov 9, 2022 – Garland instructs FBI to conduct assessment of classified documents and investigate
♦ Nov 14, 2022 – Garland instructs USAO Laush to conduct investigation of events and documents
♦ Dec 20, 2022 – Biden Lawyers tell USAO Laush of additional classified documents in Delaware
♦ Jan 5, 2023 – USAO Lausch briefs AG Garland and recommends a special counsel be appointed
♦ Jan 12, 2023 – Biden Lawyers inform Lausch/Garland additional documents found in Delaware
♦ Jan 12, 2023 – Garland appoints Special Counsel Robert Hur

If the FBI began investigating on November 9th, and USAO Lausch began investigating on November 14th, then why was it Joe Biden lawyers informing Laush of additional classified documents found in Delaware on December 20th?   Why did the FBI and Lausch not find them?

Why was it Joe Biden Lawyers informing USAO Lausch on January 12th about the third batch of classified documents?   Again, where was the FBI and John Lausch?

Nothing about this timeline as described by AG Garland makes sense when contrast with the lawyers from Joe Biden saying earlier today, the Biden team was still doing a classified document search through “last night.”

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