Americans Should Be Concerned About the CCP’s Ownership of U.S. Land

Farmland wind turbines 01.13.23

by Angeline Tan at

SINGAPORE — Many observers have become increasingly worried that Chinese investments in U.S. agricultural lands and commercial and industrial properties may offer the CCP an unrestricted degree of influence on American supply chains — as well as access to vital national security information.

Such concerns are not unfounded. The Heritage Foundation has reported that since at least 2017, federal officials have investigated Chinese land purchases near crucial infrastructure, closed down a prominent regional consulate perceived by the U.S. government to be a center of Chinese spies, and obstructed what they saw as blatant attempts to install listening devices near sensitive military and government facilities.

For instance, there was a North Dakota land sale to a Chinese company called Fufeng Group in the spring of 2022.

CNBC reported that the property in North Dakota is just about 20 minutes away from Grand Forks Air Force Base — where some of America’s most sensitive and key military drone technologies are located.

The base also houses a new space networking center, which a North Dakota senator said is in charge of “the backbone of all U.S. military communications across the globe.”

While Fufeng said that it planned to set up a milling plant in the newly acquired piece of land, the sale raised the eyebrows of several individuals and government officials, including North Dakota’s Governor Doug Burgum, as the plant could provide Chinese intelligence unbridled access to the facility.

In a July 2022 letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Burgum asked that the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS, an interagency group that evaluates national security implications of foreign investments) evaluate the Fufeng Group’s purchase.


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