Pfizer scientist admits to Project Veritas that company knows full well covid “vaccines” cause myocarditis

Project Veritas 2

by: Ethan Huff at

(Natural News) In lieu of never having done the appropriate pre-market testing, Pfizer is finally taking a look at the safety of its messenger RNA (mRNA) covid “vaccines” due to widespread reports linking them to heart problems like myocarditis.

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According to Chris Croce, a senior associate scientist at Pfizer, the company is well aware of the fact that cases of heart attack and heart disease are soaring among people who took the shots. He told an undercover Project Veritas reporter – watch below – that Pfizer is currently conducting a “test” to see if its covid injections are causing heart problems.

“So … um … yeah … we’re doing, we just sent, like, 3,000 patients’ samples to get tested for, like, elevated troponin levels (levels to detect heart attack), um, to see if it’s vaccine-based – or, so,” Croce told the reporter.

“We just sent [the first batch] over this past week, and the last batch will be sent over next week. All external testing,” he added.”

When questioned by the Project Veritas reporter further about what has been uncovered so far, Croce stated that it remains to be seen – though Pfizer and its employees are apparently well aware of the fact that there is a serious problem here.

“We’ll see. Hopefully it’s good,” Croce said about the test results. “And, I mean, if not, then, my opinion, that might pull something from the market.” (Related: Last year, a Pfizer official admitted to an undercover Project Veritas reporter that its mRNA covid “vaccines” contain aborted human fetal tissue.)

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