Rapper M.I.A. Fights Back After Getting Canceled by Field Day Festival Organizers: ‘How Dare You’


by DAVID NG at breitbart.com

Rapper M.I.A. is fighting back after the Field Day festival in London apparently withdrew its  invitation for her to perform this year, with organizers citing her  “online activity” and “quite contentious” comments as the reasons for the cancellation.

The British rapper tweeted screenshots of what appeared to be an e-mail from Field Day organizers notifying her management team of their intent to cancel her appearance.

“When we made the offer on 27 October, we did so in good faith and with the belief that this would be a great collaboration for all parties,” the e-mail said. “Since then, there have been some online comments by the artist which could be viewed as quite contentious.”

“After discussing it with AEG, the consensus is that in light of the online activity, we cannot continue with the offer I’m afraid,” the e-mail continued. “We have not taken the decision lightly, but we must consider the wider risks to the festival and its stakeholders.”

M.I.A. shot back, tweeting “how dare you” and “festival stakeholders want musicians to be boring puppets.” She also claimed that her recent interview with Candace Owens was an instigating factor in her firing, saying the invitation was rescinded one week after her conversation with the conservative pundit went live.

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