Church of England’s slavery reparations sparks fury from within own ranks – ‘We keep being told there’s no money!’



Reverend Marcus Walker warned people will be put off donating to the Church

The Church of England’s decision to set aside £100million to address its past connections to slavery has been slammed by campaign group Save the Parish.

Reverend Marcus Walker, rector at St Bartholomew, told GB News people will be put off donating to the Church as a result of their spending.

He said: “£100 million is a lot of money. We keep hearing that there is no money left.

“Every time churches have closed, financiers have sighed and said ‘we don’t have the money’, as greater priests have mental collapses because they can’t handle the sheer scale of work they have to do.

“The Church of England sighs and says ‘there isn’t the money’,

“And now suddenly, they’ve found £100million down the back of the sofa, to pay for this. You can imagine how I felt.”

A report into the Church of England’s investment fund’s “shameful” historic links to transatlantic slavery has prompted it to announce £100 million of funding for a programme of investment.

The Church Commissioners for England announced the funding commitment on Tuesday, following publication of research it commissioned which details links its predecessor fund, Queen Anne’s Bounty, had with the slave trade.

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