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by William A. Jacobson at

The classified documents may be a distraction, stumbled upon inadvertently as part of a search to grab unclassified evidence of Biden scandals before Republican-led House committees issued subpoenas to the Biden Center.

We previously posted about Jim Jordan’s question, “What prompted them to look for Joe Biden’s classified documents?”

I wrote about that:

As you recall, lawyers for Biden searched boxes as Biden’s U.Penn. office and found classified documents. But why did they search there and open the boxes? Why lawyers, and why those boxes? They could have just moved the boxes.

And why did they then search Biden’s Delaware home, and find classified documents three times – in the garage, and twice in Biden’s personal office (we think).

There’s more here than meets the eye.

But not to the Twitter Legal Resistance. Lawyer Brad Moss said it’s simply voluntary self-reporting.

But that’s a dodge – why were they looking in boxes in the first place?

The answer to that question will reveal a lot.

Possible scenario: Maybe the classified documents are a distraction. Maybe the classified documents were not sought, but found inadvertently when looking for unclassified documents regarding Biden family foreign dealings and the funneling of foreign money to The Big Guy.

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