Mark Dice Exposes the CIA’s Deep Tentacles inside Hollywood, Entertainment

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Former has-been singer/songwriter Moby made headlines this week by announcing that he was leaving Twitter. Moby is throwing a girly fit and claiming that Twitter is now a hotbed of disinformation, since Elon Musk took it over.

Comedian Mark Dice thought this was ironic, because he could remember all the way back to 2017. That was when Moby was enlisted by the CIA to spread disinformation about then-President Donald Trump and the Russia collusion hoax. That’s not a conspiracy theory.

The not-very-talented and way-past-his-prime Moby talked about it on podcasts. Just to reiterate – the very first year that Donald Trump was in office, the CIA was enlisting celebrities like Moby to spread the Russia collusion hoax on social media.

But Mark Dice doesn’t stop there. He then proceeds to take a deep dive down the rabbit hole. In the video below, he covered the CIA’s deep current ties to social media companies, Hollywood, and the entertainment industry in general. There are tons of useful liberal idiots in Hollywood that the CIA is always happy to use to spread its own disinformation and propaganda to the American people.


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