If You Haven’t Read Big Serge You Must!

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By Larry Johnson at thegatewaypundit.com

I am sure that many readers of this blog are acquainted with the great analysis offered by Andrei Martyanov, Doug MacGregor, Brian Berletic and Scott Ritter. While we may occasionally disagree on tactical issues, I am pretty sure we all agree on the strategic picture of what is unfolding in Ukraine and its implications for a New World Order on the international front. (I will comment at the end of this piece on the recent news about American military KIA in the recent battles around Bakhmut.)

Another name that must be added to this list of superb analysts is Big Serge. If you want to understand what the Russians are doing in the Donbas in terms of military strategy please take the time to read his latest, Russo-Ukrainian War: The World Blood Pump. Stated succinctly, he nails it!

I want to highlight some of the salient points from his latest treatise (and it is a genuine treatise). Big Serge (he takes his name from Sergei Witte, the first Prime Minister of the Russian Empire) provides a nifty map that should help you understand the four major lines of defense that Ukraine erected since 2014. Russia cracked the first line at Lysychansk in early July (#1). It is now in the process of breaking through at Marinka (#2) and Bakhmut/Soledar (#3).

The next map shows the enormous military force that Ukraine has committed to the Bakhmut/Soledar sector. Here is a cheat sheet to help you understand the military symbols on the map (I apologize for the different sizes of the images, I am not a graphic artist and take what I can get):

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