UH-OH: Biden Lackey and Manager of UPenn Biden Center Was Involved in Trump Impeachment Sham

michael carpenter

By Joe Hoft at thegatewaypundit.com

In 2020, The Gateway Pundit reported that a 2015 photo of whistleblower Eric Ciaramella taking notes in a meeting with a Biden advisor and Ukrainian officials emerged.

Investigative reporter Paul Sperry, who initially broke the story of the identity of the whistleblower, tweeted out the photo.

“Eric Ciaramella, the CIA operative believed to be the “whistleblower,” is captured in this 2015 photo taking notes b/t Biden adviser Michael Carpenter & NSC’s Liz Zentos in WH meeting w Ukrainian officials. Carpenter later appeared w Biden in infamous “son of a bitch” vid,” Sperry said in the caption.

Who can forget Joe Biden bragging about getting the prosecutor kicked off the case investigating Biden’s son Hunter Biden?  This was a man bragging about committing a crime.  Sitting next to Biden was his lackey Michael Carpenter.

According to Foreign Affairs, “Coauthors Joe Biden and Michael Carpenter discuss the article, “How to Stand Up to the Kremlin: Defending Democracy Against Its Enemies,” which appears in the January/February issue of Foreign Affairs.”

It turns out that the young lackey sitting next to Biden in the video above, Michael Carpenter, went on to be the Managing Director at the Penn U Biden Center.  This is the same location where top secret classified documents were located recently laying around.

Paul Sperry wrote on his Twitter account on January 12, “NEW: The managing partner of Penn Biden think tank in DC where Biden had highly classified documents stashed concerning Ukraine was none other than Biden’s Ukraine adviser Michael Carpenter, seen here sitting next to Schiff’s Ukraine impeachment whistleblower Eric Ciaramella.”


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