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by Johanna Markind at legalinsurrection.com

I’m quoted in an article in The Epoch Times on today’s legal education culture war: “[ABA] decisions should be based solely on academic criteria and how we best train lawyers, not how we best train lawyers who follow a particular ideology.”

This author was recently quoted in an article about “progressive” pressures on American legal education that appeared in The Epoch Times. Author Ross Muscato writes:

A broad-ranging and growing progressive movement in American legal education and higher education is upending and reforming policies and practices in pursuit of increasing diversity in student bodies, as The Epoch Times reported recently.

“Increasing diversity” means increasing the percentage of racial and ethnic minority admissions. As the pending Supreme Court cases brought by Students for Fair Admissions makes clear, “diversity” boils down to discriminatory admissions.

Much of the article focuses on the American Bar Association’s move to make law school admissions tests (usually the LSAToptional, and the decision of several highly-rated law schools to stop cooperating with U.S. News & World Report’s law school rankings. LIF has covered both.

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