Why The TNI Anti-Trust Case Is Being Suppressed

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by Conor Coughlin via chronicles of green

Americans need to consider why the landmark Anti-Trust lawsuit against the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) is being suppressed, because the case articulates the single most important feature for the business model of the NWO; censorship! The TNI lawsuit alleges that major news organizations like the BBC, AP and Reuters sought to undermine smaller news competitors through market manipulations that violated the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, using ‘group boycotts’ by their “industry partnerships” at Big Tech (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter). The TNI group was supposedly formed in 2019 or 2020, but the practice of censorship as a business model has been a media standard since at least 1992 when President George H W Bush first created the ENERGY STAR program and signed the USA on to the UN’s Agenda 21 Development Plan. That led to the creation of EPA “certified’ energy efficiency, a US government-invented commodity that has been generating billions of dollars annually for foreign business partners at the WTO, WEF and the UN’s business-driven enterprises. Despite the lack of a legal definition, technical description or mathematical formula to calculate or verify electrical energy-savings, this lucrative commodity has been marketed to foreign trade allies for decades. Virtually every major political scandal of the last thirty years has a connection back to the Enron Earth Day crowd, and a shadowy Off-Budget-Enterprise composed of eleven corrupt left-wing bureaucracies and a Canadian entity that call themselves the Poised For Profit Partnership. Their partners were to become the primary beneficiaries of the Obama’s EPA; Lead By Example guidelines, that instructed state bureaucrats to estimate that ENERGY STAR products save 25% to 50% more electrical energy than similar products, which turned government “certified’ energy efficiency into a form of cryptocurrency only available from their pals.

N4mation.org was targeted by the Deep State for enhanced shadow-banning long before others had ever heard of the term, and nearly a hundred articles were “scrubbed” from the internet for exposing widespread government corruption in the programs that were promoting a major federal initiative of Market Transformation. While most of the nation was focused on the economic calamities caused by the California Energy Crisis and dot.com bubble, nobody noticed that three Democrat governors had formed the West Coast Governors Global Warming Initiative after the US Senate had rejected the UN’s Kyoto Protocols. There was zero media coverage in 2003, when the disgraced California governor Gray Davis signed onto that West Coast Governors scam two weeks before being removed from office by a Recall for his role driving up electrical rates by 50% in those three states. Just as there was zero media coverage the following year when Washington State governor Gary Locke created a State-Owned Enterprise called the Prosperity Partnership, which occurred two weeks after the highly controversial election of Christine Gregoire. In that election, the former WA Attorney General Gregoire had lost in the original election and recount, but won the election on second recount that discovered additional ballots. That made Gregoire the defacto leaders of the Prosperity Partnership and its Regional Economic Agenda to export “clean energy’ technologies to global markets, which was controlled exclusively by Democrat politicians.

The reason for suppressing the TNI Anti-Trust lawsuit was to keep voters in the dark about several dozen major Public Integrity Frauds, or massive federal programs that ended in epic failure. I will once again attempt to get these important stories out to a new generation of internet reporters, and pray they have the courage to engage in some real investigative reporting based on facts, not feelings.


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