Morning Joe Exploits Holocaust, Goes to Auschwitz to Merge Trump and Hitler ‘Big Lie’



Mark Finkelstein at newsbusters

You could see this coming from 4,500 miles away—the distance from the Morning Joe set in the US to Auschwitz, in Poland.

For two days now, Morning Joe has been exploiting Joe Scarborough’s trip to Auschwitz for International Holocaust Remembrance Day for craven political purposes: tying Donald Trump to the horrors of the Holocaust.

We predicted this in yesterday’s item on Scarborough’s trip. And the mudslinging was made concrete on today’s show. 

Mika Brzezinski began by teeing up Scarborough, saying:

You are reporting from outside the site of what was the Auschwitz concentration camp . . . to remember the terror, the torture, the lives lost there, but also how it all started.”

Scarborough ran with it from there, saying that although it is impossible to comprehend the evil of the Holocaust:

“History does provide an understanding of how such horrors began. It began with a lie, and then more lies, and then, the Big Lie.”

Then it was Mika’s turn to make the Holocaust/Trump allegation explicit:

“I think John Bolton, talking about the danger that Trump poses to this country, is, is a step. Is a step a number of other top Republican leaders need to follow. 

I mean, especially given the totality of what we’re looking at on this show today, what we’re remembering, where Joe is. You know, the Big Lie is a dangerous thing.” 

Question: how grotesque is it of Morning Joe to exploit the Holocaust for such blatantly political purposes?


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