President Trump in South Carolina Ends His Speech with “God Bless You – We Need Blessings from God”

Trump in South Carolina 1

by Joe Hoft at

The crowd outside hoping to get a glimpse of President Trump was huge.

President Trump landed in South Carolina after his visit to New Hampshire.

Upon his arrival, President Trump stopped by a local restaurant – Zesto Ice Cream Shop – where one of the employees asked if she could pray for him.  He said “go ahead” and she held his hand and prayed for him in the name of Jesus.

Here he is with the people there. President Trump shared to a large jam-packed room, “I did it before, I’ll do it again”

President Trump said that under Biden every day is like April Fool’s Day.

God bless you. We need the blessing from God. We’ll turn it around fast.

A worker at the event held Trump’s hand and prayed over him.


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