Sunday Talks, Neil Oliver Will Not Eat the Bugs

Neil Oliver Will Not eat Bugs

by Sundance at theconservativetreehouse

U.K. pundit Neil Oliver used his weekend monologue to outline the great pretending being deliberately pushed by the groups of western leaders who attend meetings at the World Economic Forum.

The pretending outlined in the context used by Oliver is the classic ‘bait and switch.’  The people are baited into believing the purpose of policy or advocacy is one thing, but the true goal is something completely different.  What Oliver encapsulates as the ‘bait and switch’ is the underline for the modern ‘pretending’, where government officials pretend the end goal is something completely different than it is.

Oliver walks through examples of the ‘bait and switch’ as it is currently being deployed, and using those examples he culminates the discussion with the reality hidden behind the digital identity.  Once everyone can be assigned a digital id, then government can transfer income to a digital currency; then that same government can start introducing the restrictions on what may be purchased in order to ‘save the planet’, which is to say the real goal of total control surfaces.

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