PBS NewsHour Special Pushes Liberal Line on Guns and American Racism

2023 01 31

by Brad Wilmouth at .newsbusters.org

As PBS NewsHour has run segments last week several times promoting the Democrat party’s agenda on gun control, co-host Geoff Bennett on Thursday also promoted a PBS special on survivors of gun-related violence which also squeezed in a liberal agenda.

In the report, Ricochet: An American Trauma, which can be seen online, William Brangham not only spoke with several people who had lost loved ones from either murder or suicide by gun. The PBS reporter also included a clip of University of Maryland professor Joseph Richardson, Jr., who used some of his time to push liberal agenda items.

Even though letting criminals out of prison in recent years, as well as a scaling back of police actions in response to media pressure, have heavily factored into recent increases in violent crime, Professor Richardson complained about “mass incarceration” and “hyper-policing.” He also called for more programs to address poverty issues like health care:

JOSEPH RICHARDSON, JR., UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND: We can prevent gun violence. We know that we can prevent it. There have been numerous studies that have been done which suggest the ways that we can prevent it — by addressing concentrated poverty — by addressing the dysfunction in schools, mass incarceration, hyper-policing of communities, food deserts, medical deserts, providing access to quality health care. All of these things can contribute to reducing the level of gun violence that we have in our communities.

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