Reparations Task Force CA

by Leslie Eastman at

It’s Never Enough: Chair of California reparations panel pushes for wealth, mansion, or property tax to pay the massive tab for racial justice activism.

I will have to say I am truly grateful that California’s politicians voted for a Reparations Panel.

The organization is proving critics who insist there is no appeasing racial justice activists right in every move. In fact, I would suggest that its theme song be The Cure’s “Never Enough.”

Granted, the band may be too white for the group, but the reparations panel hasn’t hesitated to step up its grasping demands for more, more, and more money. First, the panel demanded over $200K for each black in California. Then, it was a cool $1 million. Next, it insisted that $5 million was fair.

All this was in a state that never had legalized slavery.

Now California’s controversial reparations panel is upping the ante yet again. It wants the state’s legislature to close ten prisons…and that current inmates also receive fair wages and are eligible to vote.

At their meeting in San Diego this weekend, where expert members of the public testified about various issues including prison reform, the panel preliminary approved recommending that ten prisons be shuddered while debating what should be done with the sites.

California state prisons house some of the most notorious prisoners in the country, including serial killers and lifelong gang members.

The savings made from closing the prisons will be used to fund the work of the new government agency being set up to dispense the reparations, the California American Freedman Affairs Agency.

The group has recommended more cushy treatment for current inmates, that includes eliminating certain types of punishment and paying them more money for work done while incarcerated.


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