Why is Tractor Supply’s board of directors heavily infested with GLOBALISTS who push depopulation and climate agendas?

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by S.D. Wells at naturalnews.com

Anyone who tunes into truth news regularly knows that the WEF (World Economic Forum) and the globalists are purposely incapacitating supply chains across the board, including for fuel, food, and animal feed. This is an attempt to get the whole world to eat lab-concocted “food stuff” instead of natural food. Now, it is suspected that several globalist-owned and controlled animal feed companies may be supplying farmers with chicken feed that is purposely tainted to prevent hens from producing eggs, thus adding to the chaotic food shortages and supply chain breakdowns.

Is this all part of a larger agenda to massively cripple the entire food supply and drive inflation through the roof, while people pour money into the Ponzi schemes of “climate change” and “global warming?”

Tractor Supply’s “Producer’s Pride” and Purina’s “Dumor” brands of chicken feed accused of preventing chickens from laying eggs

Keep in mind that the WEF and globalists are now pushing for all humans (except them) to eat worms, crickets, roaches, ants, and grubs as regular meals, instead of meat and eggs, in order to save the world from boiling oceans and toxic rain bombs (just listen to Al Gore preach it at the recent WEF convention in Davos). So why not compromise the chickens so they stop laying eggs, drive prices even higher (they’ve jumped from $1.78 to $7.00 in a year), and literally force people to make new consumption choices?

It simply cannot be happenstance that chickens at several ranches are not producing any eggs at all since Halloween. Plus, it just so happens to be only two brands that are reportedly causing this problem, and both brands, up the line, are owned (funded) and operated by globalists who aim to starve out the middle class of America in their quest to turn the Republic into a socialist hell-hole.

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