OUCH! Former Global Auto Exec Gives Blistering Review of Dem Presidential Candidate Wanna-be, Governor Whitmer’s Speech at Globalist WEF Conference in Davos

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by Jay R. Taylor at 100percentfedup.com

What an honor it must have been.

Invited to Davos to enlighten the elite at the World Economic Forum (WEF), Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer led a 45-minute panel discussion in Switzerland in mid-January on the “new era of manufacturing” in her home state. Who wouldn’t want to hear about that?

I live in Michigan but perhaps missed the manufacturing resurgence somehow. But I think not.

What I’d like to know is whether the WEF saw our Governor’s track record on manufacturing but decided to invite her anyway. After all, they must get news stories there in the Alps. Probably just trying to be nice or something.

It could be that the WEF just needed a little nudge or incentive to engage with Michigan. 

I’m sure having open arms had nothing to do with the WEF being awarded $6 million last August. Talk about a great use of state economic development and county taxpayer money. Who wouldn’t want to partner with our esteemed Governor and her mentee Oakland County Board Chairman David T. Woodward after that?

Or maybe Michigan’s future global partners heard the rumors about the Gov wanting to move our primary election date earlier to test the waters for a particular national role in 2024. After all, the WEF prides itself in having placed half of the cabinet members in the current Canadian Parliament. Perhaps they can do it here, too.

Personally, I find it spooky that this state leader would accept the invitation of a man, Klaus Schwab, whose father received commendations and praise from none other than Adolph Hitler for running a model company, Escher-Wyss. Also a bit concerning is a recent report in the Swiss German-language newspaper Blick informing us that the Swiss Defense Department deployed up to 5,000 soldiers at Davos to protect WEF participants. Protect them from what, exactly?

But that’s just politics, right?  We can’t throw stones because of things that happened 80 years ago.  Progressives only move forward.

Where’s the Beef?

In the last few weeks, I’ve been looking for a copy of the Governor’s Davos speech. I’ve been scouring the web but cannot find a full text printed anywhere, so I’ll have to guess. I was too busy and mostly too poor to attend in person and wondered what exactly she discussed.

While I don’t know what was in her speech, I have a sixth sense of what they avoided.


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