Is Talk Of War Designed To Hide The Truth About Green Groups Like UNOPS?


by Conor Coughlin at

Truth is often the first casualty in war! So it really shouldn’t come as a big surprise to learn that the decades-old war to beat Global Warming had created its own propaganda apparatchik to suppress all information on the federal policy known as Market Transformation, arguably the most destructive government initiative in US history? Unlike the old ‘perpetual wars for perpetual profits” business model, the new war on radical weather offered a much more sustainable pathway to prosperity for savvy investors. The public had to be kept in the dark about the Market Transformation policy, in order to protect the financial interest of shadowy green groups aligned with the Prosperity Partnership of Washington State, that had secretly created a Regional Economic Agenda to gain monopoly control over the clean energy technologies approved for use by the UN. The UNOPS is the group overseeing the procurement process funded with US tax revenues, which has been flowing non-stop to the Marxist running UNIDO programs like the Green Industry Platform and Global Social Compliance Programme for many years. If you’re unfamiliar with these policies and organizations, its because Fake News outlets believe its none of your business. Its their business! Or to be more precise, its a business of the Billionaires Club.


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