Jimmy Kimmel Tries To Humiliate Mike Lindell By Putting Him Inside A Claw Machine, But Mike Gets Last Laugh When He Brilliantly Turns The Tables On The Far-Left Host

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by Patty McMurray at 100percentfedup.com

Mike Lindell is arguably one of the most famous people in America. Not only does he sell quality products from his American factory located in his home state of Minnesota, but he’s also a first-class patriot who never gives up fighting for free and fair elections in America—and he does it on his own dime.

Last night, Mike Lindell appeared as a guest on the unhinged leftist “comedian” Jimmy Kimmel’s show. The last time Mike appeared on Kimmel’s not funny show was in April 2021. The far-left host went out of his way to humiliate Mike, but Kimmel only came off looking like a bully to anyone who watched. The episode can be watched here.

The mere mention of Mike Lindell’s name sends the Left into a fit of rage. To avoid having a stroke over Mike’s presence on his show, Kimmel placed the successful My Pillow CEO inside a claw game in an attempt to mock or minimize Mike. Unfortunately for Jimmy, Mr. Lindell capitalized on the stunt and was able to use his appearance to reach Kimmel’s [small] audience, who wouldn’t normally have the chance to hear Mike’s message without the filter of the lying mainstream media—and he did it all with great humor and a smile on his face.

Kimmel began his segment with Mike by announcing that Mike agreed to do the interview from inside a claw machine to help him overcome his “fear of machines.”

Of all the colorful, unhinged characters who’ve come to prominence in the political era of Donald Trump, our next guest is probably the most enthusiastic. To help him overcome his debilitating fear of machines, we have installed him inside a claw machine for his interview tonight.

Jimmy Kimmel’s first question for Mike was, “Why do you think folks don’t take you seriously?”  Lindell responded, “Well, Jimmy, remember when we were kids, and we questioned if these machines were rigged?” Mike continued, “When we spoke up back then, we didn’t get sued, did we? “Mike’s response actually elicited a laugh from Kimmel’s leftist audience—score one for Mike!

In addition to plugging his wildly popular Lindell TV, which is part of his media empire that includes Frank Speech, Mike was also able to share his push for a return to paper ballots and for the voting machines to be melted into bars that would house the people he refers to as “criminals” who sell them.  Of course, the Left detest Mike’s message of fixing our broken elections because many of them are okay with stolen elections as long as their candidate wins. So instead of listening to his common sense message, they respond as a typical bully on an elementary school playground would- they bully or mock him. Jimmy Kimmel is no exception. Kimmel attempted to tease Mike because of the low number of votes he received in his recent run for RNC Chair against the very unpopular Ronna Romney-McDaniel, asking Mike if he thought that election was also “rigged?” Mike’s response was brilliant, as he explained that he has no control over the people who voted against the will of their constituents. As evidence of his claim, Mike cited a Rasmussen poll that showed the majority of Republicans wanted Mike to be the next RNC Chair.

From the January 26 Rasmussen poll: A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 15% of Likely Republican Voters support McDaniel for another term as RNC chair. Thirty percent (30%) of GOP voters support businessman Mike Lindell, 20% support attorney Harmeet Dhillon, 15% don’t support any of the three candidates, and 21% are undecided.

Of course, Kimmel dismissed the facts, as facts aren’t important to him or his audience, and moved on to another topic in his attempt to minimize Mike’s popularity with Republican Party members.

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