LI 57 Frost Quake

by Leslie Eastman at

It hasn’t even been three weeks since the World Economic Forum in Davos wrapped up.

Legal Insurrection readers will recall it ended with former secretary of state John Kerry inadvertently admitting that the issue of climate change is all about money while the elites pushed insect-based diets on the rest of the global population in the name of protecting the climate from man-made global warning.

A polar vortex is recently peaked across the North East.

The bitter cold will be caused by a southward plunge of a piece, or lobe, of the polar vortex – a persistent area of low pressure located in the high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, the FOX Forecast Center said. The polar vortex is surrounded by a band of strong jet stream winds that circulates around the North Pole, which typically keeps the arctic air contained near the polar regions.

The worst of the cold across the Northeast is ongoing as temperatures sit below zero across all of New England and Upstate New York.

Record low temperatures for February 4 may fall in cities like Boston, Worcester, Providence, and Bridgeport, Connecticut. Single digits are being felt across New York City, Long Island, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The temperatures are so cold, it will give the term “Blue State” new meanings.

In fact, temperatures on Mars were warmer than on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.

The utterly frigid weather atop Mount Washington will be too dangerous for hikers to brave this weekend — unless they happen to have a space suit.

Though Boston is set to see wind chills of -30 or lower, Mount Washington’s summit will seem like another planet altogether. Forecasters are expecting wind chills at the summit to drop as low as -110 degrees on Friday night, far lower than the icy -81 degree average on Mars. The Mount Washington Observatory said record-breaking cold of less than -47 degrees is within reach.

Jeff Fongemie, Director of the Mount Washington Avalanche Center, told WBZ NewsRadio that weather this extreme is life-threatening for rescuers too — and could make rescues impossible.

“If somebody’s lost above tree line, and they don’t know where you are, they’re just a needle in a haystack,” he said.


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