Petulant NPR Reporter Predicts Media Will Continue Ignoring Hunter Scandal

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by Kevin Tober at

On Sunday’s edition of Fox News Channel’s MediaBuzz, frequent guest and NPR national political correspondent Mara Liasson said the quiet part out loud when she admitted that the lack of media coverage of Joe Biden’s crackhead son Hunter is not expected to change and as a result, the political calculus on whether the growing list of crimes Hunter is accused of is enough to hurt President Joe Biden isn’t expected to change either. 

This discussion arose because of the news this week about Hunter’s new lawyer who has sought to help the President’s delinquent son go on the offensive against the few media outlets who dare to cover his crimes. 

Referencing this latest development, MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz asked Liasson’s opinion on whether Hunter’s new legal strategy will force the media to cover his mounting legal troubles and whether this will hurt his father’s political future: 

I can understand Hunter Biden wanting to get off the defensive. And his lawyer Abbe Lowell whose been around Washington forever is very aggressive. But if media conservatives keep slamming the one-time drug addict and foreign influence peddler and at the same time the mainstream media are covering the new strategy, can that backfire into constant coverage of his problems? 

Liasson responded that “this is gonna have very little effect on the way this story is covered. It’s gonna continue to be covered like white on rice from conservative media,” she proclaimed, yet “less so from what you might want to call mainstream media, and I don’t think it’s going to matter in the end, but I agree he has a new lawyer.” 

“Is there gonna be any difference in the outcome? The investigations are gonna continue and the amount of coverage the conservative media is gonna give this is gonna continue as is. So I think in the end it probably has very little effect,” Liasson predicted.


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