Who’s Been Hiding Joe Biden’s Barriers To Industrial Energy Efficiency Report?


by Conor Coughlin via chroniclesofgreen.net

Every member of Congress knows that Communist China manufactures the bulk of the EPA’s superior brand of “certified” energy efficiency products, but can anyone identify which members of Congress actually bought into the delusional myth that America’s Industrial Sector has erected Barriers to the use of EPA energy efficiency that has been enriching members of the Prosperity Partnership? If you’re unfamiliar with this Dept of Energy report, it probably wasn’t because it had been classified as Top Secret, then archived at the secured records vault set up in Joe Biden’s garage. There was really no need to hide that bogus report, because the political establishment knew they could count on groups like the Trusted News Initiative and their ‘industry partners’ to keep it secret from the public. Not even the Village Idiot would believe that American engineers and industrial facility managers would have rejected the application of real electrical energy efficiency technologies, but UN diplomats would without hesitation if it advanced their Paris Climate Deal.


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