Neil Oliver, The Government Doesn’t Value Human Beings – But Technocracy Cannot Replace Human Skill

Neil Oliver People are Unique

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For his weekly monologue U.K pundit Neil Oliver weaves the outline of how government officials, and the system creators who support them, have dismissed the inherent ability of humankind to advance itself without external inputs.

Indeed, in the biggest of big pictures the inherent skills and ability of the individual to overcome great challenge is factually a unique attribute to people, human beings.  We were born by the grace of a loving God, with a very unique set of abilities in the universe of life.  We can learn, discover, formulate and achieve great things when we focus as individuals on the issues of greatest priority.  Everything Mr. Oliver states in this monologue is inherently true, naturally true and empirically true.

Ultimately, as governments -consisting of people- and technocrats, again more people, attempt to subvert and replace unique human abilities with technological advancements, you always end at a place where a physical person with skill is needed to accomplish the mechanics of what the designed system cannot provide.

In very real terms, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Klaus Schwab and every person who operates within the system of creating or promoting artificial intelligence, likely does not possess the skill to manage their own household plumbing or repair a broken weld. 

Neil skirts around an issue that I have contemplated for years.  Just as surgeons possess specific sets of skills that can repair a human body, ultimately so too do blue-collar workers hold similar skillsets.

I can easily envision a time (it’s coming soon) when the average population is so critically incapable of fixing things, an outcome of diminished emphasis on doing, that the value of those who can fix things will afford them incredible income.

As technology continues to drive forward, the financial value assigned to irreplaceable physical human labor will ultimately invert.  Surgeons may indeed be replaced by machines, but robots will never be able to fix a leaky roof.  There are just too many variables and the technocrats do not think of such things.

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