Montana newspaper forced to retract libelous attack on MassResistance – published after our strong testimony in State House on Drag Queen bill.

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Drag Queens in costume came to testify against bill protecting children. Media treated that as perfectly normal, but demonized MassResistance’s testimony.

But the bill ended up passing in committee!

In Montana, MassResistance has been working closely with state legislators in the State House on a number of key pro-family bills. We’ve also been helping people across the state get involved in the process to counter the leftists opposing these good bills.

Bill HB359 would protect children from “Drag” shows and other perverse adult entertainment in schools, libraries, and local businesses. The bill is titled:

An act prohibiting minors from attending drag shows; prohibiting minors from entering sexually oriented businesses; prohibiting drag performances in libraries or schools that receive state funding; providing definitions; and providing penalties.

Normal people would understand that protecting children in this way is simply common sense. But the LGBT movement and their leftwing allies – who are obsessed with children – are fighting hard to stop this legislation. They want no barriers whatsoever between their radical sexual ideology and children.

On Feb. 9, the Montana House Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on the bill. It was very well attended.

Not surprisingly, the far-left organizations who came to testify against it included the ACLU, the Human Rights Campaign (a large national homosexual group), the Montana Federation of Public Employees, Planned Parenthood of Montana, and the Montana Library Association.

But the radicals also brought in some bizarre Drag Queens to testify against the bill! It was certainly a curious tactic: These obviously disturbed men dressed in garish women’s clothes were there to convince legislators that it’s perfectly safe for them to be around children.

In addition, several people, many representing pro-family groups, testified in favor of the bill. But one who stood out was Arthur Schaper, our MassResistance national Field Director, who was allowed to testify via Zoom.

Arthur didn’t sugarcoat it:

Drag entertainment is explicitly and inherently sexual and sexually deviant. It is not PG-rated, but perverse. Parents can’t take their kids to R-rated movies. And they shouldn’t be taking them to drag shows.

Our organization, MassResistance, exposed not one but TWO sex offenders who had gotten into libraries as drag queens to read to children. We exposed drag queens in Maryland who were pushing prostitution, and in Georgia, who were pushing alcoholism. We even exposed a convicted male prostitute.

Drag queens are not role models, and they are not for kids. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, a drag queen allowed a young girl to touch his crotch. As one social worker has testified, “Drag Queens blur a child’s natural instinct to protect themselves from sexual predators.”

Some are claiming this is an attack on the so-called LGBT community. But this is my question to LGBT activists: Why are they so determined to have garish parodies of women groom children? Why are they so obsessed with this?

Do the right thing. Stop allowing LGBT militants to bully and shame and groom children.

His testimony certainly got people’s attention. In addition, Arthur sent every member of the committee a wealth of information on the real dangers to children of “Drag” performers. We suspect that they hadn’t seen most of that before.

Arthur attacked in Montana newspaper

As we all know, a common tactic by leftist “journalists” in their news articles is to engage in character assassination against conservatives, quoting from some extremist left-wing source. It goes against traditional journalism ethics, and used to be considered extremely unprofessional.


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