Almost 20 years ago, South Park nailed the insanity behind ‘transgenderism’

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by Andrea Widburg at

Although conservatives are continuing to laugh, humor in the greater culture is on its way out. Tucker Carlson has done an entire Fox Nation special directed at the way in which the shibboleths of woke, leftist culture make mainstream comedy impossible. An utterly savage, incredibly funny South Park episode from 2005, which attacks the madness of transgenderism, and also gets in a huge dig at abortion, goes a long way to explaining why leftists fear and censor humor.

Judging by the Wikipedia summary, the entire episode from which the clip is drawn seems worth watching. Mr. Garrison has decided he is a woman trapped in a man’s body and gets a sex change operation in Trinidad. At the same time that Kyle is told that he can’t play basketball because he’s too small and white. Upon learning about the sex change surgery, Kyle heads to Trinidad to get a “negroplasty” to make him African American.

That’s just the setup and, of course, there is much more, including the now-viral clip below. I just want you to imagine anyone making a cartoon like that in today’s totalitarian woke climate. Wikipedia says that, even in 2005, Trey Parker was worried about airing the episode, but Comedy Central accepted it, and it got aired. Amazingly, the world did not end.

Someone must have been catching up on old South Park episodes because, suddenly, the short segment in which Mr., er, Mrs. Garrison goes to Planned Parenthood for an abortion has suddenly gone completely (and deservedly) viral.

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