Trump says he would put an end to war in Ukraine ‘in 24 hours’

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by Jarryd Jaeger at

“We would have a deal made in 24 hours,” Trump proclaimed.

Donald Trump spoke to supporters in Florida on Monday night from Club 45 in Palm Beach and suggested that under his leadership, a deal would be brokered to end the war in Ukraine in just one day. The event was standing room only.

Trump’s comments mirror those he has made over the past year, insisting that if he were president, Putin would not have invaded Ukraine in the first place.

“After you become the forty-seventh president,” a young fan wearing a “Trump won” t-shirt asked, “what are you gonna do to stop the war in Ukraine?”

“I would literally start calling, not from the day I took over, but from the night I won,” Trump replied. “I’d call two people … Putin, and Zelensky, and say ‘We’re gonna meet, we’re gonna meet.”

“I guarantee I could work that out,” Trump continued. “I know exactly what I’d say; I’d tell one guy this and I’d tell one guy that, and I’d say ‘You better make a deal.’ We would have a deal made in 24 hours.”

While Trump delivered his remarks, President Joe Biden was en route to Poland to speak about the United States’ handling of the situation in Ukraine.

February 24 will mark one year since Russia began its illegal invasion. In that time, the US has committed nearly $25 billion to Ukraine in the form of weapons, training, and cash.

Trump has repeatedly lambasted Biden for exacerbating the “dangerous, explosive, and escalating” conflict, suggesting that the president’s “weakness and incompetence has brought us to the brink of nuclear war.”

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