FedEx Pilot Union “Prepared To Take Fight To Company” As Labor Talks Stall, Strike Looms


Leaders representing the FedEx Air Line Pilots Association unanimously passed a resolution authorizing a strike authorization vote last Friday, according to a statement Wednesday from the union. A date for the vote wasn’t mentioned. The union said no future talks are planned as labor agreement negotiations have stalled. 

A strike would only happen if negotiations break down and the federal government mediators authorize a walkout after the parties exhaust the required procedures of the Railway Labor Act. The National Mediation Board (NMB) would then release both sides from mediation, and after a 30-day cooling-off period, both parties could exercise self-help – including a strike by the union or a lockout by the company.

“The decision to move closer to a strike authorization vote is the result of nearly six months of federally mediated negotiations that has led to our disappointment with FedEx management’s actions at the bargaining table,” said Captain Chris Norman, FedEx Express Master Executive Council chair. 

Pilots have been negotiating new labor contracts with FedEx execs since May 2021, including expedited federal mediation with NMB. According to a statement from FedEx pilots, “FedEx has failed to acknowledge pilot contributions and FedEx pilots are prepared to take this fight to the Company.”

FedEx pilots are committed to reaching a deal with management, but we will not waiver in our commitment to deliver a contract that rewards pilots for their sacrifices to build FedEx into the global leader it is today.

“Although a strike authorization vote has not been called at this timeour customers and shareholders should be aware that the pilots may be headed in that direction shortly,” Norman said. 

FedEx pilots warned: “This announcement should also alert FedEx customers that should FedEx pilots be unable to successfully conclude negotiations, they should be planning alternative means in the event pilots must strike.”

Imagine the logistical nightmare a FedEx strike would cause. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen.


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