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by William A. Jacobson at

The whistleblowers help by James O’Keefe are standing by their man as Project Veritas forces out its founder and most public face.

Okay, this one got to me.

If ever the cat ladies and chicken farmers who actually run this place subject me to a “two-dimensional” audit, and kick my rear end to the curb, I’d hope that the people I’ve helped along the way would make such a video as was made by various whistleblowers helped by James O’Keefe along the way.

Those whistleblowers have made a video released on Twitter and YouTube standing with James O’Keefe.

There’s a saying that the people you step on to get to the top are the people you meet on the way down.

In the case of James O’Keefe, it certainly seems that the opposite holds true – he didn’t step on people to get to the top, he helped people and lifted their voices, and they are helping him out.

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