ERIC Empty: Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen Visits ERIC Headquarters in Washington DC – But Nobody was There, There Were No Servers, There Were No Computers, There Were No Employees

eric headquarters

by Jim Hoft at

After he won his election, Alabama’s new Secretary of State, Wes Allen, withdrew the state from the ERIC voter registration system.

The Gateway Pundit commends Mr. Allen for keeping his campaign promise to protect elections and secure the personal information of Alabama residents.

However, Mr. Allen was not done with ERIC. He was in the Washington D.C. area last week for the 2023 NASS Winter Conference. It’s the annual meeting for all Secretary of States. In a brilliant move, he decided to visit the published address for ERIC’s headquarters. That address is 1201 Connecticut Ave. NW, Ste 600, Washington, DC 20036.

Allen said, “Since I was in town, I went to see the ERIC Headquarters. What I found was that there was no ERIC headquarters at that address. There were no employees. There were no servers. There was no ERIC presence of any kind. Instead. I found a virtual office that is rentable by the day. What it was missing was people, servers and any sign of the ERIC team.”

This 12 story location, known as the Longfellow Building, is partly operated by a company called Expansive. They offer virtual workspaces across the country and rent space by the day. Other companies offer this same exact 6th floor Suite 600 address for rent too. In fact, the Global Innovation FundDezenhall ResourcesGrassroots Plus, and other businesses have the exact same address, including the same suite number, as ERIC’s headquarters.

Posted on the Alabama SOS website, Allen explains his ERIC visit, “Before I took office, Alabama transmitted the personal information of millions of our citizens to this private organization for the past several years. That information is stored on a server somewhere but we do not know where. There is no ERIC operation at the location they claim is their office. A lot of personal data and taxpayer money has been transferred to ERIC. Where is that data? Where are the employees? Where are the offices? Where are the computers?”

As previously reported by GP, ERIC has 3 employees that operate as remote staff. The Executive Director, Shane Hamlin, resides in Washington State. He has been unwilling to disclose where the data resides, not even the city. Ericka Haas is the Systems Engineer from the onset and resides in Oregon. GP reported on Sarah Whitt, their “Systems and Data Specialist”, hired in 2019. She resides in Wisconsin. Although her title indicates a “Specialist”, she previously worked for the State of WI managing their voter rolls for over a decade. You could say she “specialized” in creating the worst, most easily corrupted voter rolls in the country, containing 3.4 million ineligible voters. Now you know why ERIC hired her.

We expect big things from Mr. Allen, including transparency about organizations like NASS. Controlled by leftists, NASS has been influencing the Secretary’s of State and our election policies across America for a long time. In fact, the newly elected SOS’s were provided a “new member orientation” last week to learn about NASS. Of course Mi­crosoft hosted and sponsored the reception afterwards. NASS has a long list of 58 corporations who are involved in swaying election officials and policies.

David Becker was the founder of ERIC while employed at Pew Charitable Trust. He then founded his own non-profit called CEIR to service Democrats with elections. Oddly, he retained a seat on the ERIC board. His bias and no holds barred Democrat activism is part of the reason our elections have become so untrustworthy. The former Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill said they were working on removing David Becker from the ERIC board, expecting this to happen in 2023. Why the delay? This June 2022 report showing Becker obtained ERIC data for his own non-profit, to help Democrats, was still not enough to get him canned. Why?


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