Video – Erin Brockovich Speech to Residents of East Palestine, Ohio

Erin Brockovich East Palestine Ohio

by Sundance at

One of the most well-known people who faced down big chemical corporations and won, is activist Erin Brockovich.  Yesterday she traveled to East Palestine, Ohio, to meet and discuss the issues of the 2/3/23 chemical spill with residents at a Town Hall meeting. {Direct Rumble Link}

Ms. Brockovich delivered a message to the audience about relying on their instincts, seeing the issues as they are and not as the officials would present them to be.  Brockovich’s words are grounded in a different type of advice, the advice of trusting the natural God given gifts of discernment that we carry.  She’s right, and it is very unusual to see a high-profile person emphasize this aspect.

Mrs. Eric Brockovich essentially says, ignore “trust us”, and instead “trust yourselves.” That’s quite an empowering message being delivered to the community of East Palestine, Ohio.

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