Do EPA Smart Energy Policies Cause Retrograde Amnesia?


by Conor Coughlin via

Recently a video surfaced of Patti Poppe, the new boss-lady of Pacific Gas & Electric was entertaining a World Economic Forum audience with an exciting tale about an event in California from last September, in which “instantaneously, 2,500 megawatts came off the system.” from a phone call that she believed proved Smart Energy devices are ready for prime-time. Patti Poppe is a businesswoman from Michigan that was brought in to help repair the soiled reputation of PG&E, which a federal judge had once described as “a recalcitrant criminal” in a legal proceeding. The U.S. District Judge William Alsup claimed “If there ever was a corporation that deserved to go to prison, it is PG&E for the number of people it has killed in California.“, making Patti Poppe the perfect diversity hire to push Smart Energy technology as a magical cure for the good citizens of Californians to beat Global Warming. I could be wrong, but it’s far more likely that normal Time-Of-Use contracts provided by utilities to large Industrial Customers was responsible for that 2,500 megawatts of load-shedding, and not Smart Grid devices.

The PG&E boss should have known of the epic failures in the government research programs of Smart Grid, which may explain why she choose to travel 6,000 miles to peddle her magic act to an audience at the WEF. They might be the only group on the planet, that is collectively dumber than even the average California politician. WEF members are devotees of the same brand of Natural Capitalism as practiced by Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, who recently had been caught in a secret scheme to ban gas-stoves. That shady deal was allegedly based on some Junk Science supplied by the Rocky Mountain Institute, whose founders Amory and Hunter Lovins literally wrote the book on Natural Capitalism. It is their Orwellian business model that is being embraced by WEF, Communist China and the Climate One group, owned by the Commonwealth Club of California. All of these organizations appear to be completely clueless about the effects of their disastrous energy policies on America’s National Grid.

The Commonwealth Club is a political powerhouse that has been pushing the money-making schemes of a Clean Energy Economy for decades, much like their counter-parts up in Washington State that have operated the Prosperity Partnership since 2004. The members of these political groups are the main financial beneficiaries from the West Coast Governors Global Warming Pact that was secretly formed in 2003, a fact kept secret by the media. The progressive entrepreneurs at the elitist Commonwealth Club may want you to forget how their disgraced Governor Gray Davis had signed on to that secret pact, just two weeks prior to being removed from office by a Recall petition. Governor Davis was Recalled for his role in the California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001, when corrupt utilities used “Power Trades” and “Fiber Swaps” to drive up electricity rates by 50% on the West Coast. The media had to keep the public in the dark about the West Coast Governors Pact, because it would have exposed that their own Junk Science was coming from Climate Solutions, the non-profit that had released their Poised For Profit reports on EPA “certified” energy efficiency and Smart Energy technology. This may explain why the Prosperity Partnership has no internet presence, or any ability for NW citizens to join their Regional Economic Agenda exporting Clean Energy technologies. Their leaders can openly discriminates against all political opponents or business competitors that question their authority to engage in a form of “Regulatory Capture”, over a potential $200+ billion annual marketplace for the sale, installation and maintenance of advanced energy efficiency technologies. Its simply none of your business!

Climate Solutions was a franchisee of the notorious Earth Island Institute, an incubator for the most radical anti-American and anti-Capitalist groups in the US, when selected to operate the massive government-funded Harvesting Clean Energy program in Pacific NW industrial facilities and corporate farms. The stated goal was to allegedly search out cost-effective energy efficiency technology, and then assist entrepreneurs in overcoming the Barriers put in place by government and utility bosses. When Climate Solutions wasn’t promoting shady initiatives like the West Coast Governors scam and lobbying for restrictions on real businesses, it would be conducting direct action campaigns against Coal deliveries traveling through Washington State to Asian markets. All of that was done in the name of Environmental Justice.

Patti Poppe was still working at General Motors in Michigan back then, so she can’t be blamed for the actions of every recalcitrant criminal on the West Coast. It was years later before she began her career in the electrical industry, but was soon placed on the Board of Directors for Whirlpool Corporation, Associated Electric & Gas Insurance Services Limited, Edison Electric Institute, Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, American Gas Association, Electric Power Research Institute and the California Chamber of Commerce, along with several other organizations. Patti Poppe has a new “Leading With Love” mission to restore public trust in PG&E, if she can just get Californians to accept that its costing them over $50 million a year for her retrograde amnesia.


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