Wuhan Virus Institute

by Mary Chastain at legalinsurrection.com

Republicans exploded after The Wall Street Journal reported the Energy Department now believes COVID-19 leaked from a lab. Welcome to the party, pal!

Man, I miss Leslie, but she deserves a vacation!

Even NBC’s Chuck Todd agreed with GOP Sen. Dan Sullivan there need to be public hearings:

SULLIVAN: “Well, I think we need to have public hearings on this and really dig into it. Think about what just happened over the last three years. One of the biggest pandemics in a century. A lot of evidence that it’s coming from the Chinese. And when other countries even raise it, like Australia, the Chinese use their coercive economic activities to shut people up.”

Chuck Todd:

Todd was in complete agreement about transparency at home and abroad.

“I think you’re definitely right on those public hearings,” said the NBC anchor. “At a minimum, we need to know what we know and the world needs to know what we know.”

Others want answers, too. The House Republicans also brought receipts against Saint Fauci.


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