‘Climate change’ blamed for 8000 gun deaths in New Study in Journal of the American Medical Association – Claims ‘association between temperature & shootings’

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MSN.com: Becca Inglis: Gun violence is already a pressing public health concern in the U.S., and a new study has found a troubling link between it and the overheating of our planet. As temperatures across the country soar and unseasonably warm days continue, the number of gun deaths across the country has gone up. Nearly 8,000 gun shootings can be attributed to extreme temperatures, according to research published by JAMA Network. … Warmer temperatures increase the body’s stress hormones in the nervous system, which may heighten violent impulses. With daily temperatures expected to continue rising in the coming years, the number of injuries and fatalities from shootings could worsen, too. … The study suggests that measures to slow down the overheating of our planet could reduce shootings, too.  

Study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association – Analysis of Daily Ambient Temperature and Firearm Violence in 100 US Cities – December 16, 2022
 – Excerpt: “There were 116 511 shootings recorded across the 100 cities over the 6-year study period from 2015 to 2020, with a range of 16 to 202 shootings across all cities on any given day. The number of shootings tended to be higher in the summer, and 2020 experienced a spike in shootings compared with previous years …The estimated association between temperature and shootings increased almost monotonically across the temperature range, with a local peak at the 84th percentile of the temperature range with a relative risk of 1.17 (95% CI, 1.12-1.21) compared with the median. … Because climate change may shift weather patterns, changes may lead to increase both an increase in overall temperature and frequency of extreme temperatures. … These efforts must not ignore the structural context in which communities of color, particularly Black and Indigenous communities, experience disproportionate exposure to urban heat and other effects of climate change. … An increase in warmer temperatures and more frequent extreme heat events due to climate change may create environments with higher risk of firearm violence in the future.”

Climate Depot’s Morano – “The global warming activists have shifted the playing field, so shootings and murder statistics are now used as some sort of ‘proof’ of man-made global warming. Instead of looking at political factors like the lax enforcement of crime due to the Defund the Police movement, they would rather make outlandish claims linking shootings to climate change! The JAMA study also claims that we must address ‘climate change’ to lower gun deaths. The study implies if you don’t support the Green New Deal, then you are supporting the shooting of 8000 people.”


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