Voter Fraud In Chicago? Prisoners Say They Are Being Pressured To Vote

Lori Lightfoot


The first round of voting in the Chicago Mayor race is on Tuesday.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is running for re-election, she has been a complete disaster.

CNN reported:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, after years of battles with teachers’ and police unions, is seeking to survive the first round of voting Tuesday in her bid for a second term.

Lightfoot is facing eight challengers in the race. Since no candidate is expected to top the 50% necessary to avoid a runoff, the candidates are battling for a top-two finish to advance to an April 4 runoff.

Four contenders have emerged at the top of the race: Lightfoot, the incumbent; progressive Rep. Jesús “Chuy” Garcia; Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson; and Paul Vallas, who was head of schools in Chicago, Philadelphia and New Orleans.

Vallas has the backing of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police. Johnson, meanwhile, is endorsed by the Chicago Teachers’ Union, a powerful organization that has repeatedly clashed with Lightfoot – including battles in 2019 over teachers’ pay and class sizes that led to an 11-day strike, and last year as Lightfoot pushed teachers to return to classrooms despite rising Covid-19 cases.

There are now concerns about the integrity of this election.

Prisoners are now saying they are being pressured into voting.

The Daily Mail reported:

Chicago inmates have claimed they are being pressured to illegally vote in the city’s mayoral election.

The inmates, some who are accused of murder, argued guards at Cook County Jail were pushing them to vote – despite some being registered in a different jurisdiction.

They claimed the guards were receiving orders from higher up and were ‘just doing what I’m told’ when confronted over the move.

It comes amid fears of ballot harvesting as insiders claimed the jail was the ‘ideal environment’ due to no cameras or election observers.

It also raised concerns it could propel Lori Lightfoot back into office, despite her languishing on just 13 percent in the polls.

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