The Green Tyranny expands as the German government readies to ban oil and gas heat beginning 2024!

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by P Gosselin at

Germany’s Minister of Economics, Robert Habeck, Green Party, is reported to be planning a ban of gas and oil heating – as early as 2024, according to the online BILD

The proposed plan comes just after the EU Parliament voted to ban the registration of new fossil fuel cars beginning 2035.

According to Habeck’s draft legislation, homes and buildings would replace oil and gas heating systems with those operating with renewable energies, such as a heat pump.

The first step in Habeck’s plan is to be implemented as early as 2024.  Only heating systems that produce heat from “at least 65 percent renewable energy” are to be installed.

Existing gas and oil heating systems will likely be allowed to continue operation, but only for a limited time.

The Berliner Morgenpost reports: “Green politician also wants to phase out gas and oil heating systems that have already been installed. Specifically, these should only run for a maximum of 30 years – after which time they should finally be phased out.”

For consumers this would mean that only a heat pump or district heating would be options, and so would mean the end of gas and oil heating.

Economic death blow

The latest proposal would mean another huge economic blow for citizens who are already reeling from high inflation, high interest rates and a shrinking economy.

German Bundestag Member Frank Müller-Rosentritt of the FDP Free Democrats tweeted: “Extremely increased interest rates and high construction costs are already causing housing construction to collapse. The death blow is now being dealt by the Green Minister of Economics with his ideas, which completely ignore reality and cause rents to explode.”

Green fairy tale world

Other politicians and interest groups have also come out blazing in criticizing Habeck’s draft radical measures. The association “Haus und Grund” (Home and Property) rejects Habeck’s plans, with association president Kai Warnecke speaking of a “law from the green fairy tale world”.

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