EXCLUSIVE: Jim Jordan, House Intel Committee Call On Intelligence Officials Who Discredited Hunter Biden Story To Appear For Transcribed Interviews

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by HENRY RODGERS at dailycaller.com

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner sent letters Wednesday to Central Intelligence officials who discredited the Hunter Biden laptop story, saying they have not yet responded to previously requested interviews.

The Daily Caller first obtained the 29 letters to the different Central Intelligence officials in which the lawmakers reiterate their requests and ask that the officials “comply promptly.” The letters ask the officials to schedule interviews and “arrange for the production of the outstanding material.”

Both The Washington Post and The New York Times noted the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop in March 2022, more than one year after the Daily Caller News Foundation first verified it. Recent reporting by the Daily Caller and other outlets has highlighted the Biden family’s extensive dealings with Chinese companies, including a presentation Hunter Biden gave promoting American shale and natural gas to Chinese businessmen.

“The Committee on the Judiciary and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence are conducting oversight of federal law-enforcement and intelligence matters within our respective jurisdictions. The Judiciary Committee made a prior request to you for documents and information about the public statement you signed in October 2020 that falsely implied the New York Post’s reporting about Hunter Biden was the product of Russian disinformation,” the letters state.

Here Is A List Of Who The Letters Were Sent To:

  • Nada Bakos
  • David B. Buckley
  • David Cariens
  • Janice Cariens
  • Peter Corsell
  • Brett Davis
  • Glenn Gerstell
  • Steven L. Hall
  • Kent Harrington
  • Don Hepburn
  • Timothy D. Kilbourn
  • Andrew Liepman
  • Ronald Marks
  • Jonna Hiestand Mendez
  • John Moseman
  • Emile Nakhleh
  • Gerald A. O’Shea
  • David Priess
  • Pamela Purcilly
  • Chris Savos
  • John Sipher
  • Stephen Slick
  • Cynthia Strand
  • Greg Tarbell
  • David Terry
  • Gregory Treverton
  • John D. Tullius
  • David A. Vanell
  • Winston Wiley


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