“No One Gave A Sh*t”: MTG Cusses Out State Election Official to His Face 


by Noah Rosenberger at trendingpoliticsnews.com

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is known for her savage rants but her most recent may be one for the ages. Greene ripped into Georgia’s chief operating officer of the secretary of state’s office, Gabriel Sterling, on Tuesday while sitting in on a panel discussing the 2020 election and fraud that happened in the state.

Greene’s rant was spurred by her own personal encounter with election fraud when her former husband was told he was not allowed to vote in person because officials claimed he had already voted by mail.

Despite reportedly filing a complaint, the Congresswoman claims no one paid attention to the complaint and to the case. “That complaint got largely ignored, no one listened … And no one gave a s*** about what happened to him,” Greene stated.

Despite Sterling’s feeble attempts to interject, Marjorie Taylor Greene maintained dominance in the heated exchange further tearing into the man.

“For you to say there were no dead voters in Georgia, there was thousands of dead voters in Georgia,” the Congresswoman said.

“And then the other thing is you have constantly shilled for this election and I’m going to tell you, there was blatant, outright fraud in the 2020 election … Complete and total fraud and you know it. You absolutely do know it.”

Greene closed her arguments by stating that Donald Trump was the true winner of her state in 2020 saying, “Trump won Georgia, I know you don’t like for me to say that … To come in here for the Election Integrity caucus and for you to be on the panel, it’s actually insulting, because I think you did a horrific job for the state of Georgia.”

After the exchange occurred Marjorie Taylor Greene was quick to put a video on Twitter saying, “On behalf of President Trump and all of his voters in Georgia, here’s a (gift). This is what I had to say to Gabe Sterling today.“

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